Wednesday, March 10, 2010

rub,tone,finish & billing!

When you 'rub' the frame, what you are doing is wearing it
a little bit.
I use pumice stone for this. Not all pumic is the same, so make
sure you're using the finest, not the coarsest pumic.
(it's like talcum powder.)
Dip your finger into it and lightly rub the frame. You will want
to see some of the bole to show through.
Depending on the look, light rub,(French) heavy rub,(Spanish)
medium rub,(Italian) for period frames.
Contemporary frames, you can play with it as to 'fit' the art.

When the rub is done, you want to remove any pumice left.
Next I mix up some carnuba wax and asphaltum.(as shown in
photo) and wipe with a cotton ball dipped in this.
Wax is a good clearcoat and asphaltum tones the gold. Together
they are excellent for this procedure.
(Dragons blood and gambogie works, but not for picture frames.
(my opinion!)
The frame should be wiped with the wax/asphaltum,
and let set for only a minute or two.
Then useing a paper towel, begin to wipe this off.
You will notice the gold start to polish and get slippery. Good!
The frame is now finished and done.
I call the client and tell them it's ready for pick-up.
Write up an invoice and clean up the station!


Jan said...

WOW!!! You have worn me out and all I'm doing is reading what you have done :) The frame is gorgeous Bill! Please take a big bow! I applaud your talent!!!

Judy P. said...

This was a good series of posts, and I now have an informed respect for you gilders!

billspaintingmn said...

Jan & Judy! Thank you both for following these
posts on gilding. It's the how to do that I wanted to do! (?) I hope that sounds right!
Anyway.. Thanks again!