Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artist study

Going through some archives, I saw this and wanted to paint it.
 I can learn by painting from another painting. I never try
to do an exact copy, but if I can echo things, I know I'm learning.
oils on gesso'd board 9"x12"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

St. Genevieve

I ran across this painting , and was stunned by it's beauty.  It reminds me of  my wife Renee.
She took loveing care of our children. She was a Saint in many ways, just like St. Genevieve.

  The artist, Charles Spaque Pearce was new to me. I did however do a pastel of one of his
paintings several blogs back. (a little girl with a white cap/hat on) I only saw the image in a book,
and didn't know it was painted by him.

So when I saw this painting of St. Genevieve, I started looking at his work. I am Thankful to have
the means to discover art that is "out there." Old & New.
My 'Big Kiss' painting was not accepted for what it was intended. So I'm free to do what I want
with it.
Back to the drawing board!

Monday, November 14, 2011

!News Flash!

I'm going to interupt my regularly scheduled program to bring good news: I'm going to be a Grampa for the 3rd time! WOW! I mean really, !WOW!

I found out, but was to keep it under wraps. But my son, Wes, just gave me the "green light" to announce it.
This will be their,(Wes & Audras') 1st time to have a child. So everyones excited.

They have been wanting to become parents.  Now they can  experience it.  I joked to Wes that now he can
throw all the Ideals out the window, and become a student of the child.

I believe that the child already knows how to be a child, He/She will teach them how to be parents! Ha!
This is gonna be GREAT!! (I mean that with a dab of devilishness, I do know they will be loving parents.)

Here is a picture of Wes & I when he was just  a stinker! I have since gained 500lbs. and lost all my hair.
But Hey, that's what kids will do to ya! ha:)

p.s. He has his mothers smile, and his fathers brains! Look out world!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Working large is a whole different animal. Not only did I go through
a ton of paint, I was able to loosen up and slash the brush with 'chords'
you can't do on a smaller scale.
Painting big is funner than I thought! :)

After some discussion with an artist friend, I decided to
paint this in oils instead of sign paint. Now I'm glad I did.

I made a much larger glass palette to accommodate  the colors
and mixing area. I wanted to try colors I've heard talked
about on other blogs. I wasn't so concerned with using
a particular color palette, or a limited color palette.
I wanted to try new mixtures to see what I could get. This is
an experiment I've wanted to try. If I create a monster, well
Halloween was just here!
This painting is not finished. I wanted to post its progress
at this stage. I don't want to fiddle with it, so a few dabs
here and there and I will call it done.
I hope you like it.
45"x48" oils on wood panel.