Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artist study

Going through some archives, I saw this and wanted to paint it.
 I can learn by painting from another painting. I never try
to do an exact copy, but if I can echo things, I know I'm learning.
oils on gesso'd board 9"x12"


Jane said...

The colors are fantastic in this painting, and even if you didn't use much white the light that meets the eye is stunning. If we are to believe that our paintings 'speak about us'..this one is a happy painting!
All the best.

Debra Bryant said...

Gorgeous light sense and a great color balance. I agree that you learn so much from the work of others. Thanks for sharing this Bill!

martinealison said...

On n'a jamais fini d'apprendre... mais avec votre talent, nous avons la chance d'admirer un merveilleux travail...
Gros bisous

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jane! Very kind of you to see that! :)

Thank you Debra! I have always enjoyed seeing other artists work,(paintings/sculpture/ect..
sometime I learn more or see things more clearly when I attempt to create a likeness.

I think 'copy' is the wrong word to use when this happens. I would better think it's a conversation whith the artist work.

martinealison said ...
We never stop learning ... but with your talent, we have the chance to admire a wonderful job ...
big kiss

Thank you Martine! I admire/enjoy seeing your art also! I think we all enspire one another, and that's what helps use grow.

Celeste Bergin said...

This is fantastic---you achieved great harmony and contrast!

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Celeste!

It was freshly painted, and the photo doen't show the details in the dark areas.
I think once it's dry, and I 'varnish' it, those will all equal out.