Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dr. Sketchy

Every summer there is an "Art Crawl" in the

Warehouse District for the Arts neighborhood.

We all open our doors to the public, and let folks

get a peek at what we do.

Maybe make a sale or two.

This year I was asked to be a "ringer" at the 331 Club.

331 Club is a bar that entertains locals of all types.

We were set up outside, bands playing, eating & drinking,

and lots of vendors.

There were two models dressed in burlesque, posing as

we "sketched."

We had 5 minute poses as the crowd watched us, hoping

to advertise "Dr. Sketchy" to anyone caring to join in.

Drinking & drawing can be fun! I won a few prizes, and

met some interesting people.

I think people enjoy watching art happen, I received many

compliments from total strangers!

The model said she liked my work. She was very pretty.

This painting is gouache on gesso wood panel.

size: 2"x 3.5"

Scotty Boyz

Scotty is a friend that I've met. He lives near my studio.
Many times I'll get to work, check my calls, and Scotty
will be my only message.
"Wanna take a walk to the Island."
He calls me 2 scoops, (the new improved Bill, now with
2 scoops of raisins, Ha!)
Always good to hear from Scotty Boyz.
One day I asked him to get all duded up, "I want to paint your
Scotty showed up, sat for about 1.5 hrs.
This was before I'd learned of the Zorn palette, but it still
was a limited palette. (I always throw in a little blue.)

Nicollet Island, Nord East

Sometimes you've got to take a break.

I enjoy walking down to the river, a couple of blocks

from my studio.

You can see Saint Anthony Falls from Nicollet Island.

It has a way of scaling yourself down, as everything

is so grand. The cotton woods, the 3rd. ave. bridge,

the scene of Minneapolis.

So I thought it would be fitting to paint a "minnie" of

this location.

The painting is no larger than a business card.

Here is my card, Nicollet Island, Nord East.

Learning from the Masters

There are so many artists I admire.

Sometimes I like to "sing their songs." It helps me to

understand, or learn by way of imitation.

(You should see my Rodney Dangerfield!)

Anyway, There is an Artist from Minnesota, Mike Lynch.

His work moves me.

I feel akin to it.

Mike lives just down the road from me. I pass his home

weekly on my way to the studio.

I bought all his watercolor blocks, (paper) at a yard sale

that he had.

"Sort of reminds me of my old uncle Arvin Kind."

This painting is one of so many spots "up north" that

we all have been to. Sometimes I go there in my mind

to have a drink, and get away.

Bills' Wilde

The local coffee house is called Wilde Roast Cafe. Themed around Oscar Wilde.

They make a good cup of coffee.

Recently there was an "Inspired Art Contest" that called for artists

to show there creative side.

I had just been introduced to a new color in oil paint. It is called,

Transparent Oxide Brown. I love it!

It has all the charm of a cup -o- joe, so I thought why not paint

Oscar Wilde, on a gilded canvas,( sort of Iconic ? ) near the fire place

where I sip my coffee. In Transparent Oxide Brown.

I was having fun. I did a quick sketch while having coffee. I then went back

to the studio and painted my sketch onto a gilded canvas.

I was sure to win. This is really cool. Wow!!!

Not everyone shared my enthusiasm, I did not win.

Sleeping in class?

Lin is a student that I give painting classes to.

One Monday morning, he came to class feeling


I mixed up a drink of balsamic & spring water

for him.

Soon he had fallen asleep.

I had just learned of a limited palette from

Dave Darrow, called the Zorn Palette.

This was an opportunity to use it.

(I cheated by adding blue, sorry Dave)

The Zorn Palette is : Ivory black

Titanium white

Cadmium red

Raw sienna

I added ultramarine blue and cobalt blue

because that was the chair color.

This is my first attempt at Zorn palette.

A splash of paint and wine

On Fridays, when possible, I like to splash a little

paint and wine!

This is oils on canvas. Approx. 6"x6"

Time: approx. 1.5 hrs.

Pin-ups are fun, so I thought I'd paint one.

I have a black cat, that's mischievous, so did

this and titled it "Your in the dog house kitty!"

This is oils on gesso wood panel 5"x7"

(copy of original Joyce Balantine)
Time: approx. 2 hrs. unfinished
Please feel free to leave a comment, or complant!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Live model" Renee

After some discussion on approaching a possible model, I did!
An agreement was made to have a "Live model" for the
time of 4 hrs.
Several postponements, and a PET Ct scan later, I was able
to convince my "Live model" that she was truly beautiful
and I wanted to paint her on canvas.
"You better do it now, because after Tuesday, my hair is
going to start falling out (again), she remarked.
Chemo Therapy can have that affect on people.
Renee is my lovely wife of 29 years!
She's been a cancer patient for 4 years.
I plan to continue painting on this piece, it is a good
start, but not completely done.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokomis beach

When I saw the photo my wife snapped of Holly, ( my Granddaughter ) I

knew it was a painting waiting to happen.

Thanks to Dave Darrow, artist extraordinaire, I was able to utilize the

workshop information and orchestrate and execute this painting.

Working from a photograph, I first did a pencil /charcoal drawing on the

11 x 14 canvas.

Next I toned the canvas, blocking in the background with a combination

of sap green and yellow ocher, with just a bit of cerulean blue.

I was now ready to begin painting.

Transparent oxide brown wash for warm shadows.

Flesh tones of alizarin crimson , raw sienna, titanium white, cerulean blue, and ultra

marine blue.

The swimsuit is cad red straight from the tube.

The pail is "thalo red" and the boat is cad yellow, yellow ocher, permanent green.

total time is just over 12 hrs.

I was exhausted as it's been a while.

This painting would not have happened without the help of : Dave Darrow. a.k.a.

Dave the painting
p.s. I water gilded the frame with pale gold (16 k)