Friday, April 30, 2010

Where's bill!?

Isn't she beautiful!
I apologize for not posting lately. I'm in a bit of a funk.
I have been taking care of business, and needed to go
to a place to think.
This statue and I are bonded in a way. I talk, and she
When I got home I saw Don Hatfields cd arrived! I
sat down and watched the whole thing.
Dons new cd is about painting portraits in a bold
impressionistic manner. Something I want to do.
Look out world...billspaintingmn is inspired!

Friday, April 16, 2010


"It's always something! Now I broke my horn!
Can you fix it and make it better?!"
I painted this today from a picture I've had.
Originally painted in the mid 1800's by an
artist from Germany(?) I've never been able to
find any info about it, Whimsical and fun!
oil on gesso'd board 6"x10" approx.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring flowers

Happy Spring everybody!
The flowers are blooming and the buds are out.
I painted this years ago, and have always had
it on the wall.
I garden veggies, my wife gardens flowers,
however a painting of cucumbers might look a bit
silly. (I make hot dill pickles.)
I saw this picture in a magazine, and decided to
paint my version of it. I hope you like it!
16"x20" oil on canvas

Friday, April 9, 2010

NordEaster SeaStape

I've been enjoying a blog called Stapleton Kerns.

Stape, as he likes to be called, is Artist extrodinaire!
This guy knows his stuff. He's full of moxie and has a cigar.
Lately he's been explaining Seascapes, and how to paint
I've always enjoyed a Seascape. Today I had some time to
paint one. This is from an art book of Fredrick Waughs art.

Since my studio is located in NordEast Minneapolis, I thought
it would be fitting to paint this scene called North Easter.
(I commented that I would call them SeaStapes, in honor of
all the information Stape has been giving.)
I really like that guy Stape. He leads the field in my book.

12k White gold

This is the finished frame. Fitted and read for delivery!
My camera makes it looked arced, believe me, it's straight!

12k close-up

I think this looks cool!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple for the teacher!

Ha! I had to bring my own apple!

The next and last step today was to
burnish up this frame. It's 12.5''x 36.75"
Best to burnish, and let set. There still
may be moisture in the wood, so tomarrow
I will check, and maybe burnish a bit more.
Also tomarrow I will finish the gold per
corner sample specs. Place the art in frame
and this one gets delivered.
I will post it's final look tomarrow so you
can see the total project complete!
( Notice the shine in the upper right hand corner!)
Part of the finishing is to tone it down some, you
want shine but not glare!)

Lake Superior Agate & 12k

After curing, I began to burnish with an agate.
Burnishing is scraping the agate with medium
pressure against the gold to make it shine!
(In ancient times, they would use a hounds tooth)

Fresh 12k

Here is a frame I've been gilding this week. It is 12k white gold.
A very popular designers gold.
It reminds me alot of the chrome on the older cars!
I layed the leaf and took this pic as it was curing.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

girl with a violin

This is a painting I did over 25 years ago!
I was trying to paint a Bouguereau .
Many times I would wipe it out and start
It's been stored away, as I don't have the
heart to cull it.
Now, with renewed interest in painting, I
hope to save this oldie but goodie. (?)
I will have to reconstruct, and repaint her
from a different approach.
If it doesn't turn out, it's down to the fire pit!
I hate when that happens.
oil on canvas 18"x24"

Friday, April 2, 2010


We get by with a little help from our friends.
Today I reflected on this.
We all want them, we all need them.
We have all got to be one too!

This is the other frame I wanted to gild on 101
The painting is from a friend that helped many
and had many friends.
I chose pale gold,(16k) with a pewter finish.
Why? Because at different times of the day,
and different lighting moods, it now takes on,
and presents the mood and love the Artist had
in painting this.
I think that's what Christ meant when he said,
"It's not easy gilding a lily"
Meaning things are beautiful as they are, and it
takes work to capture it.(Thanks Celeste!)
I've heard that when love and opportunity
intersect, true art is made.
I think that is true.
These are some of my ponderings, musings.