Friday, April 2, 2010


We get by with a little help from our friends.
Today I reflected on this.
We all want them, we all need them.
We have all got to be one too!

This is the other frame I wanted to gild on 101
The painting is from a friend that helped many
and had many friends.
I chose pale gold,(16k) with a pewter finish.
Why? Because at different times of the day,
and different lighting moods, it now takes on,
and presents the mood and love the Artist had
in painting this.
I think that's what Christ meant when he said,
"It's not easy gilding a lily"
Meaning things are beautiful as they are, and it
takes work to capture it.(Thanks Celeste!)
I've heard that when love and opportunity
intersect, true art is made.
I think that is true.
These are some of my ponderings, musings.


Janice said...

Bill this is just beautiful~~~
You knew what had to be done and did it...this is why you are the expert! Your friend's painting looks lovely in your frame...a special bonding of two artists & friends forever~~~

Celeste Bergin said...

a lovely painting in a great frame! Beautiful and your words are so true too (however......I think that "it is not easy gilding a lily" translates to --people are naturally beautiful and do not need further adornment). But either way--it is a wonderful expression :)

Charles Pompilius said...

A charming painting with the perfect frame.

martinealison said...

It's always difficult to find the best frame to a painting. This is perfect.
With my painting it's sometimes a problem and i choice to frame them with a céruse. I don't know if my choice is good... i'm not like you a good experienced person.
Best regards.

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jan! There was a delay in making this. I wanted it to shimmer, but not too much. The pewter finnish toned it down,yet gives some sparks.

Thanks Celeste! Good point well taken! I sometimes think all is vanity, yet I like beauty in simpicity.

Thank You very much Charles!

Thanks Martine! I'm sure your choices are good! Your paintings are evident of this!
I hope you are recovering well.

Thank You all for your kind support! Happy Easter!