Sunday, April 4, 2010

girl with a violin

This is a painting I did over 25 years ago!
I was trying to paint a Bouguereau .
Many times I would wipe it out and start
It's been stored away, as I don't have the
heart to cull it.
Now, with renewed interest in painting, I
hope to save this oldie but goodie. (?)
I will have to reconstruct, and repaint her
from a different approach.
If it doesn't turn out, it's down to the fire pit!
I hate when that happens.
oil on canvas 18"x24"


Judy P. said...

Happy Easter Bill! What a wonderful memory, to have something from 25 years ago. Looking at this, you can puff your chest a bit; it says 'yeah, I have what it takes!'
You don't mean you are going to paint over, and change her, do you? She's a keeper, old proof that you should be doing what you are doing right now!

billspaintingmn said...

wow, Well Thank You Judy! That's so nice of you! I've always wanted to paint people, and wrestle with each and every face. To a point that I throww my hands up like Charlie Brown,(Good Grief!!)
But I will not give up!

JRonson said...

It's almost a vintage painting, but continues great :) good easter to u

r garriott said...

It's good to keep a few of our earlier works, to remind us of where we've been, how far we've come. If it was me, I would leave this lovely lady as she is. If she still intrigues you, perhaps begin a new one with your new ideas in mind.

Janice said...

Bill can't you see what a magnificent painting this is! You have painted someone with the look of an Old Masters touch. Her hands and feet are beautifully painted...please don't change or destroy this painting!!!

Celeste Bergin said...

Bill, I love that you are re-visiting your 25 year old painting. Some of the things I did from very long ago seem BETTER than some of the things I do now. How weird is that. Well, I will be watching to see how you do with her. I agree, there is no need to be over-invested in the outcome. It is just paint. If you crash and burn--so be it..if you risk and it turns out great.. you will be happy you tackled her again after all this time. Cool project.

Jonathan said...

Wow Bill you did that so long ago and it still looks good, even though you do not like it. It has so much potential for the finish and what better to copy than Bouguerau! Love to see what you make of this painting! Will also love to help if you need any!

C. k. Agathocleous said...

Don't touch her ~ please! She is magnificent. Such talent! Thanks for showing us this one, Bill. ☺

martinealison said...

Très beau travail, il faut parfois laisser passer du temps pour aimer une toile... surtout lorsque l'oeil a trop travaillé.

billspaintingmn said...

JRonson! Thanks! I hope U have a good Easter too!

r garriot! Thank You! Your probably right, maybe I should move on. Yet I can't leave her like this!

Jan Thank You! What a nice thing to say! I do want to save her from the fire pit if I can!

Thank You Celeste! When I was in high school the art teacher took a small group of us to the museum. This was when I first saw her. I was awestruck. I fell in love.
I drew her in pencil, then charcoal, and watercolor too. I was obsessed with every aspect of this painting.
She hung high, so she would glare down at me as if to say, what's your problem little artist?
Those days are gone, I should move on, yet I cannot leave her like this. I cut my teeth on this painting. (artistically speacking)

Jonathan! Thanks Bud! I may take you up on that offer! What ever it takes to save her!

Cindy Thank You! I have got to fix her face & hair at least!

martinealison! Thank You! Your words translate
into a kind understanding. Thank you very much!

Thanks to all of you for your kind support on this, and all my work! Your comments encourage me!

Kaylyn said...

I have one large painting from art school days...more than 25 years old. It has hung here and there and was stored on the garage ceiling for a while. Now its hanging on one wall of the other wise bleak laundry room. Its brightly colored and makes the place nicer. Sometimes I stop and look at the three or four really good brushstrokes!!

Frame her up, find an interesting place to hang her. Don't ever throw her on the fire pit. If you can't live with her, donate the work to a charity auction!

billspaintingmn said...

Kaylyn! 3 or 4 really good brush strokes in one painting, I'll bet there are more!
I want to fix her face & hair, then I will decide what to do.
What I have in mind will be new, and maybe even enterianing! Thanks for stopping in!

billspaintingmn said...

Kaylyn! 3 or 4 good brush strokes!? I'll bet there are more!
I just want to fix her face and hair, then I'll decide what I'll do.
What I have in mind is new, and maybe even entertianing.

Celeste Bergin said...

hey spendy would it be for you to gild a 8 x 10 raw wood plein air frame??? --I don't want to take time away from your painting BUT I can't use this thing unless it is gold! Can I send you a photo for an estimate?

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Bill!... With all artists our past is a very important and intrinsic part of our past... and our future!Bringing it forward through "Relection" brings to mind another "R" word!

Easter is the perfect time for a "Resurrection"... in art as well!

Get at 'er! Pitter-patter! Bouguereau would be proud! One of the best things I've seen on your site... but Hey! Just an opinion!

Keep up the good work! Finish the "copy" and apply the knowledge to create more of Bill's best!

Good Painting my Friend!

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Celeste! Sure! Cool! Lets take a look at what this is.
I use real gold for gilding, and have several different karats to employ.
I would be honored to gild you a frame! ( I always keep my prices reasonable, It's my part of supporting the arts!)
Email me! Thanks!

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Bruce! Your words are very encouraging!
Yes, it is a resurrection of sorts I guess.
(very good Bruce, I like that!)
I will save her from the fire pit,(I have always wanted to save her from the fire pit.)
Thanks again friend!