Friday, April 9, 2010

NordEaster SeaStape

I've been enjoying a blog called Stapleton Kerns.

Stape, as he likes to be called, is Artist extrodinaire!
This guy knows his stuff. He's full of moxie and has a cigar.
Lately he's been explaining Seascapes, and how to paint
I've always enjoyed a Seascape. Today I had some time to
paint one. This is from an art book of Fredrick Waughs art.

Since my studio is located in NordEast Minneapolis, I thought
it would be fitting to paint this scene called North Easter.
(I commented that I would call them SeaStapes, in honor of
all the information Stape has been giving.)
I really like that guy Stape. He leads the field in my book.


JRonson said...

Wow sounds like a romantic book, love the water effect is huge!

Deb said...

.Great job, Bill! Maybe you have found your calling!

Celeste Bergin said...

I'm friends with him on Facebook! lol!---he is a good teacher. I like your ocean painting...very intriguing

martinealison said...

Belle peinture d'un océan déchaîné...

Sadia Hussain said...

A choppy sea it is!! Very nicely done!

Judy P. said...

Nice water Bill- especially for Midwesteners like us!

C. k. Agathocleous said...

Gorgeous piece~!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Stapleton Kerns is a master at seascapes, and I often admire his work! I am so happy you do, too, and I am thrilled you've tackled one such as this. You go Bill! (do more :-)

billspaintingmn said...

JRonson! Thanks J ! Romance can make this look calm!(ha) comparatively!

Deb! Thank you! Stape has a way like a motivational speaker!(I'm trying to sound like Chris Farley)
I have always enjoyed sea scapes, I hope to paint more! Thank you Deb!

Celeste! Thank you! Face book?! I have my hands full with just blogging.. How do people do it all. Stape is a good teacher! I agree:)

Martine! Thank you! I'm having difficulty leaving comments on your blog! I've tried many
times, with no luck. You art is wonderful!

Sadia Thank you! The many moods of water and I'm chasing storms. I will attemp other moods as well!

Hi Judy! Thanks! Stapes from Minnesota too! He
commented that the midwesterners might be getting tired of his seascape posts, so I told him I find it interesting! I did this to let him know how he's encouraged me.
Ha! His analogies to me were to put salt in a pail, put my feet in it. Sit next to the airconditioner with a fan to create the sense
of the sea! Cup my mouth and cry there she blows!
I asked if I used seasalt, would I get more realism to my painting!? Ha! He's a fun guy!

Thank you Cindy!!:)

Tina! Thank you! I hope to paint more seascapes! I hope to paint more everything! After years of no painting, It's fun to try it again! Thanks Tina!!

Karena said...

Very nice, Bill well done!

I have an interview with artist Robert Anders up on my site that is fascinating!

Art by Karena

Janice said...

Bill this is a terrific seascape!!! I can almost hear the waves crashing on the rocks!!! A very exciting painting with lots of action!!! Great work :)

Gilberto said...

Have I tell you that I was very engaged with the sea? All the eighties and nineties I build my on boat “Estrellita” give the finger to the sore chores and away I went, push by the wind feed by raw ingenuity… Let us forget my friend, it was so good it hurts.
Bravo My friend a excellent execution, believe me, I now my sea, I now my waves, I now the sky going with and I will like to now your teacher to and perhaps tray a couple of SeaStape, in memory.

Janice said...

You are a very talented artist Bill!!! Paint! Paint! Paint! It's your calling :) All The Best~~~

billspaintingmn said...

Thank you Karena! And thanks for stopping by!
Your interview with Robert Anders was fun!

Thanks Jan! I wanted to throw some water around!(ha)Hope things are better! :)

Gilberto! Thanks!! I have two teachers on this painting. 1) Stapleton Kerns 2) Fredrick Waugh

Stapleton,(Stape) has a blog where he discusses
how to paint stuff. Very helpful Gilberto!

Fredrick Waugh is an artist from years ago. I have an art book with his paintings, and wanted to try one.

Your boat Estrellita sounds interesting! Tell me more!