Sunday, May 30, 2010

Party shots!

What a fun evening! Perfect weather, good friends, plenty
of food...and party shots!
This is Audra my daughter in law, a most wonderful hostess!
My plan to do a painting of this Memorial Days Night is
coming along. If you're reading this, you'll probably be in this
painting. (I plan to take artistic licence and add some folks, so
smile, your on candid canvas,(ha)

No party is complete without the cops showing up. My son,
Wes handled it perfectly! (When they get off duty, they will
stop by too! : )

Everybody had a good time, everybody let there hair down.
Everybody pulled there socks up, everybody put there foot down.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, ooh-oh yeah!

I am working on the composition, and it's still in the creation
stage. Please give me some time, I want this to be thought
out well. This is a very important painting to me, so sit back,
have a party shot, and smile!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"bills dills"

Ok, I'm into gardening. There's something about getting
dirt under my fingernails that is fun.
I also enjoy fresh veggies! Mmmm, there's nothing like 'em!
So this has been a busy spring, and I still have more to plant.

One of the things I do is grow cucumbers for pickling.
I entered some into the state fair and got 4th place! (I thought
they were 1st place winners myself!)

Anyway, Dill pickles have been a favorite since I was a kid. I
helped my granny make pickles, and she was the best!
Granny taught me how to pack 'em. How to make the brine.
She showed me how to can them so you could eat pickles all
through winter.
I like dill pickles! Not sweet pickles, or sour pickles. Some I
like to kick a bit with cyanne pepper. My wife & the kids will
eat the garlic dills, but don't care for the hot, so I make them
for myself. (Some of my buddies like 'em hot too!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pomp & Circumstance

Here is my son, Wes, and Audra, his wife.
They both graduated Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.
We are so proud of them.

They both graduated from Carlson School of business.
(A very prominent collage)

Both have been hired by companies, and are ready for
the challenges that await them.
It has been a true story of dedication, commitment, and
higher learning.

I pass my torch to my son, Wes. I know he can go far.
Audra, born and raised in Lithuania, is his perfect match.

I could go on & on, and probably will. There is so much to
Here are some shots of the graduation ceremonies...