Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pomp & Circumstance

Here is my son, Wes, and Audra, his wife.
They both graduated Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.
We are so proud of them.

They both graduated from Carlson School of business.
(A very prominent collage)

Both have been hired by companies, and are ready for
the challenges that await them.
It has been a true story of dedication, commitment, and
higher learning.

I pass my torch to my son, Wes. I know he can go far.
Audra, born and raised in Lithuania, is his perfect match.

I could go on & on, and probably will. There is so much to
Here are some shots of the graduation ceremonies...


Janice said...

Congratulations Bill!!! You have every right to be the proud dad!!! Please give my congratulations to Wes and Audra too!!! Great work you two!!!
Wishing you all the very best!!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely~! Congratulations to you and your family, Bill. ☺

martinealison said...

Félicitations à ce charmant couple, vous pouvez être fiers d'eux... Nous, parents, sommes si heureux de la réussite de nos enfants.

wetoilpaint said...

Hi Bill,
Wes and Audra look very happy! Her roses are beautiful!
Congratulations to them and your family on their graduation.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations Bill! Im so happy for you, you should be so proud. I am truly happy for you and your family Congrats my friend!

Jesus Estevez said...

Congratulation Bill,you have a nice family.You must feel very proud

Judy P. said...

Bill- many congrats on this great day for your family. I've just gone through the same graduations for my two girls, and it's a grand feeling!
Also thanks for leaving that nice post on my blog; it's nice to get encouragement from other painters.

billspaintingmn said...

!Hey Thanks Everybody! This is such a busy time
of the year!
I have to put the garden in this week end,(if it doesn't rain!)The ground temp is now right.
Anyway, I'll let you in on a little secret...
Wes & Audra will be having a Graduation party
on Memorial Day/Night and I plan to do an oil painting of it.
I plan to take artistic license and add
some of my blogger friends into the painting!
It will be a memorial day painting gift for them for graduation. I will post it, and probably the process of it on my blog, Smile!
Cheers and happy summer!
Thanks again for all your support! I'm so happy I may bust! Ha!

Celeste Bergin said...

Oh my--now that sounds interesting--a painting of the graduation party?! I can't wait to see that.
Looks like you and your Mrs. did a brilliant job of raising a good (and smart!) guy...congratulations to all!