Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bills' Wilde

The local coffee house is called Wilde Roast Cafe. Themed around Oscar Wilde.

They make a good cup of coffee.

Recently there was an "Inspired Art Contest" that called for artists

to show there creative side.

I had just been introduced to a new color in oil paint. It is called,

Transparent Oxide Brown. I love it!

It has all the charm of a cup -o- joe, so I thought why not paint

Oscar Wilde, on a gilded canvas,( sort of Iconic ? ) near the fire place

where I sip my coffee. In Transparent Oxide Brown.

I was having fun. I did a quick sketch while having coffee. I then went back

to the studio and painted my sketch onto a gilded canvas.

I was sure to win. This is really cool. Wow!!!

Not everyone shared my enthusiasm, I did not win.

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