Monday, November 14, 2011

!News Flash!

I'm going to interupt my regularly scheduled program to bring good news: I'm going to be a Grampa for the 3rd time! WOW! I mean really, !WOW!

I found out, but was to keep it under wraps. But my son, Wes, just gave me the "green light" to announce it.
This will be their,(Wes & Audras') 1st time to have a child. So everyones excited.

They have been wanting to become parents.  Now they can  experience it.  I joked to Wes that now he can
throw all the Ideals out the window, and become a student of the child.

I believe that the child already knows how to be a child, He/She will teach them how to be parents! Ha!
This is gonna be GREAT!! (I mean that with a dab of devilishness, I do know they will be loving parents.)

Here is a picture of Wes & I when he was just  a stinker! I have since gained 500lbs. and lost all my hair.
But Hey, that's what kids will do to ya! ha:)

p.s. He has his mothers smile, and his fathers brains! Look out world!



TSL - Living in Art said...

Pure happiness and joy! A heartfelt congrats to everyone ~

Karla said...

Awww, what an adorable picture! Children (and Grandchildren) are truly a gift from God. Congratulations to all!!

Jane said...

That is great news Bill!! Congratulations! And how wonderful the sincere joy you are showing. I still haven't experienced the happiness of becoming a grandma, but i am sure I will be over the top happy when it becomes reality.
Wish you all the best.

Judy P. said...

Many congrats Bill- I hope someday to experience Grandma status!
It was good finally meeting you at the OPM opening night, hope we both have many opening nights in our future!

Cyndi said...

Wonderful news, Bill! Congratulations! What fun!

Celeste Bergin said...

Congratulations Bill...that is wonderful news! As a grandpa you really must start wearing your pants way high up on your know that, right? and you need fishing hooks in your hat. Super cute picture of you and your little guy

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Tina!

Thanks Karla! God is good!

Thanks Jane!

Thanks Judy! It was good to meet you too! I grabbed a regisration pamphlet. I think it may be good to try out!

Thanks Cyndi! :)

Thanks Celeste! Hey, I've always wore my pants that way! I need to learn to say dab gummit with vigor!

Wes Whalberg said...

If you still got that jacket I can take an identical picture. Hmmm.. Makes me realize I may not be out of the woods yet on loosing my hair...

billspaintingmn said...

The jacket is long gone~ You've only just begun:)