Monday, March 22, 2010

Babbling brook

Monday! Monday! what a day! I found a little time to play.
I painted this brook scene today from a John Singer Sargent
painting I saw. It's my interpitation, not an exact copy.
I need to start signing my paintings, so once it's dry I'll
practice on my signature.
Should I sign Bill Whalberg? or William Whalberg? & date it!
Any suggestions?
oil on gesso'd board 10.5"x14"


C. k. Agathocleous said...

This gorgeous piece really make me feel like spring, Bill!

I would go with William on the signature. The two W's sound and look nice together - very professional. Are you sure that William Whalberg isn't just a stage name? ;)

Happy Spring!

Gilberto said...

I am in Hit and run situation. In May I have a 15 paintings Show, no problem, I can use my slipping stock, resourceful guy!!!
In May against to, I have a juried show Expressions 2010 run by the Quinte Arts Council.
In June, J. Parrot Gallery of the public library of Bellville, also Juried, theme "Music as a muse" confuse should I buy Guitar or paint an easel?
September. Art Bellville Association finis the season whit a juried show and theme also no idea now. As you se my dear friends I hang my palette or retreat in to the woods, no Phone, no TV, no blog, no friends and became immortal against my will.
I have decided to play the in vet wing thing , buy a set of very big brushes and see what I can do, as an add on, snitch for a little wile an see where you guys are and eat my nails.

Jan said...

What a wonderful painting!!! I love the style, the colors and the scene!!! Great painting Bill!!! Beautiful!!!
How about W. Whalberg? I would put the date somewhere or at least the year, maybe on the back? But your the artist Bill...what do you like~~~

Celeste Bergin said...

Ah, Sargent....a beautiful composition. You did a nice job of it for sure! Well, a quick Google search shows me there is only one Whalberg painter and he died in 1906--so my vote is for last name only* and no date on the front. (on the back sign full name and year). Always sign in a color that won't compete with the painting and make sure the scale of your signature is not overly big. *I like the shorter look of one name--but Kevin Macpherson has a beautiful signature so he proves me wrong. Do it however you think and make sure to share it with us. You have an added bonus of having "name recognition" due to that actor guy! lol

JRonson said...

Beautiful intrptation, great colors ;)

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Cindy! All the snow has melted, and spring has sprung!
Thank you for the advice on my signature, it really has always been difficult to me.(Bill is what they call me, yet it looks not right to
William Whalberg seems to take 1/2 a tube of
paint(15 letters!)
Anyway, Sweet Ol' Bill, or just the initals
has always been the joke...

Gilberto! Wow!! You are a busy guy! Keep me posted on how things are going. I hope you can find time to take a break! Thanks Gilberto!

Hi Jan! Thanks! Good suggestion! I've struggled with this for years, It's good to ask art minded friends. I'll decide on something!

Celeste! Thanks! You mean there's another artist with my name!? How dare they!! I'll have to check this guy out, anybody with a last name like that is probably a wise guy!(ha)
Thank you for you thoughful input, I'm trying to shape up with my art, that means signatures
(I don't always sign them..)

JRonson Thanks! I appreciate your comment!