Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burnish 101

To burnish, or not to burnish, that is the question.

To burnish is to shine up the gold so it is radiant!
It gives a look to the gold that can only be achieved
through water gilding.
In the begining, everyone want to burnish, it's amazing
to watch the gold begin to shine.
However, not all art needs or looks good against a
shiney gold frame. Infact, for a picture frame , you
want to tone down the gold.
You don't want it to fight the art, you want it to
present the art.
For gilding to be successful, it's all about presenting,
or introducing the art work.
Yes, a spark or sheem is nice, but moderation is the key.

Anyway, to burnish, I use polished agates in contours
to fit the profile of the frame. (shown in picture)
I scrape it along the gold with medium presure. As I
do this the gold begins to shine. More presure, more

Some frames get a high burnish, or shine, along with
other areas of the frame that will remain unburnished.

Unbunished gold looks bright, yet matt, or satin.
Burnished gold looks shiney and mirror like.

So depending on the desired look, I gild with an end
result in mind. Hence, many corner samples!
This frame gets one final step.
Tomorrow's class will be: Rub, Tone, & Finish 101


Jan said...

This is amazing Bill!!!

Sheila said...

I can't think of a better word than what Jan said. Maybe 'magical' to see you do this. If you were Japan, they would deem you a National Treasure for this skill.

C. k. Agathocleous said...

Beautiful work and fascinating process, Bill~!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I like it! Hope your wife is much improved!

Judy P. said...

You seem to have hit the ground running, with all these fast posts; they show the great finesse you have in gilding.
Hope your home life is getting back to normal- it's times like these that make you appreciate a peaceful, ordinary day!

billspaintingmn said...

Jan, you're so kind. Thanks!!

Sheila, you just touched my heart, Thank you: )

Hi Cindy! Thanks! : )

Judy! I was a boy scout, so I try to be prepaired! I love to gild!
Home sweet Home! peaceful ordinary days are
the best!! Thanks for watching!
(I hope to get to foot in the door to see your
painting soon!)

billspaintingmn said...

Tina! Thanks! Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate your support, and so does Renee! She is home and getting rest. I'll have her painting the house in no time!(ha)