Friday, March 19, 2010

Golden Gardian

Well another friday, and I'm making progress!

I want to say, I got a Call today from Frank Ordaz!
I'm still smiling ear to ear! What a neat thing to have

We talked art, gilding, people, and cars!!
I love classic cars, and trucks!
Frank said he paints 'em and would post some for me.
Wow! How cool is that!?!

I'm looking to offer gilding outside the metro area, so
like Monty Hall says, "Lets Make A Deal!"
I hope to put a 'package' together for Frank and his
new gallery. I'm pumped!


martinealison said...

Bel ange...

Celeste Bergin said...

Your angel is gorgeous---so It is perfect how it is a simple unassuming shape that is "elevated" with the status of gold.... appropriately extraordinary.
I'm glad you get to possibly frame for Frank! --- as long as you'll always have time to do your own work.

Jonathan said...

Thats awesome Bill! Congrats! Thats really cool!

Anonymous said...


Isn't it fun? I met a fellow one time online and he and his family met up with us for dinner. So nice~!

billspaintingmn said...

Martine! Thank you! : )

Celeste! Thank you! I will still want to finish
this, maybe give it a 'rub' to bring the undercolor through, and tone the copper down a bit.
The fact that Frank is interested in gilding
for his gallery is opportunity knocking. I hope
I can answer the call!
I will always make time for my own art! Thanks!

billspaintingmn said...

Jonathan! Thanks! I hope it is!!(wow!)

Cindy! Thanks! I'm just a 'local yokle' so to do buisness outside the metro area is possible!
I think that blogs for artists is not a fad, but a new start of community with a larger reach.
Please pass the ultramarine blue! : )

Judy P. said...

Rubbing elbows with Frank has got to be exciting- you'll probably pick up lots of painting info too! Congrats on this expansion of your talents!

Lokelani Forrest said...

Your angel is lovely and serene. Congratulations on the new horizons. I agree with you about the artists' blogs. It has put me in touch with so many wonderful, talented people. So many, willing to share.

Gilberto said...

Any thing is possible for people of your stature and goodness, please add me to the list of the good wishers, twice.

Jan said...

Bill~ Your beautiful angel is heavenly. You have taken a piece of wood and turned it into a serene and beautiful piece of art. The love you have for your craft is so apparent in this wonderful angel~~~
I have deleted my blog because of my health but I will be checking my favorite blogs from time to time:)

billspaintingmn said...

Judy! Thanks! Always like to get painting tips!

Lokeloni! Thanks! Blogging has become a new way
of being 'pen pals' I have met many fun artists
and enjoy every bit of it!

Gilberto! Thank you! Friend! Thank you!

Thank you Jan :)!! Please reconsider Jan.. take
care of your health. Rest is good. I hope you are alright? You don't have to delete your blog
it's a fun blog with fun art and fun storys!
As an artist and a friend, I will support your
decisions, but we enjoy your posts and paintings.
You don't have to post all the time. Many don't. But please keep yourself, and your art
accessable for us. Otherwise it's sad for everyone.(I have two big ears if you ever want to talk) email me ok!?