Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and carving...

I've had an interest in carving since I was a


Whittling with a pen knife was pretty much it.

As I grew, I started using exacto's.

Now, I have a good collection of carving tools.

(a couple of chainsaws too!)


Barbara Pask said...

Hi there Bill, Wow, you are a talented man. Beautiful work here. So glad you started a blog, you will enjoy it. Get out there and "network", leave feedback on others blogs and they will find their way back to you. Have fun

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Barb! Your so kind, Thank You! I'm learning
as I go,(I just figured out how to comment on
the comments!)
Now I need to work on posting more.

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely, Bill! I especially like the one of Jesus. I hope it is hanging somewhere special (like your home).