Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and Water gilding...

Water gilding is one of the earliest forms of gilding.
It is also one of the more sought after, as it has the
ability to present a work of art like none other.
A lost art of sorts, water gilding takes gesso, rabbit
skin glue, bole,(earth clay) and a variety of golds to
I have a passion for this art form.
I would gild for anyone wanting there art displayed
as such.
Although I have worked with "period" profiles, to create
looks from other places & times, I most recently have
gilded with a minimal approch, bringing a more contemporary
look and freshness to the art itself.
This latter look is less expensive, and more suited to
the everyday paintings done today.
I still will carve a simple corner treatment from time to time,
as carving is another area I like to go.

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