Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and introducing himself...

Hello, my name is Bill Whalberg. I've been working in several
areas of the arts industries.
Sign painting is one of these. Since 1976, (when I
finished my schooling in commercial art & advertising.)
" Freelance " is the area I fell into mainly. I wanted to
remain independent, as the sense of freedom has a way
of directing my path.
Once a sign guy, always a sign guy, was the chant. However,
other areas of interest joined in.
I took an interest in oil painting in those earlier years. I
had painted and sold art to many people, some from around
the world.
I spent a great deal of time painting, displaying, and even teaching
this subject in the 1980's.
By the early 1990's, I had aquired a family, ( Wife Renee,
and 3 children, son Wes, Daughters Mindy & Heather.
I took a job at an Art Pubishing Company, as we always
needed the money to keep the fires burning.
There, is where I learned to Gild. I loved it. It was something
new, yet old as art itself, cool!
Trained by one of the top gilders in the country, (Rodger Neilsen,
a.k.a. Master Framers.) I was fortunate to make gold gilded
frames for the Russian art that was being introduced to an
American public for the first time.
The owner wanted a look different from the big gilding houses.
My job was to devise a "look" new to all this. Which I did.
It was the beginning of the end for me. Difficulty with other
people and the path of least resistance lead me to the door.
Freelancer once again, (wHo-Ho!)
Trinity Episcopal Church of Excelsior approched me about
gilding a cross for their sancuary. They had a design in mind,
and wondered if I could be able to produce it.
They wanted celtic knotting gilded, along with the "framing"
( front, sides & back ) of the cross.
The cross was constructed and delivered to my home studio,
where I did the gilding.
(The cross was surface gilded, or oil gilded.)
The illustration was rendered by another artist.
Trinity Episcolpal Church of Excelsior is one of the
oldest churches still standing in the metro area.
Built in 1864, you can see lake Minnetonka from
the front lawn of the church.
Although not a member of this church, I have
felt honored to receive such a commision.

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