Monday, February 22, 2010

Gold Gilding

I want to try something different.
I'm going to gild a goldleaf frame on my blog.
Actually it's for a client, but I want to go through the steps,
so you can see a 'Lost Art', it's some cool stuff.

This photo is of some of the stuff I use to gild
I will post every day this week, so you can observe the procedure.
This will be water gilding, a rare and most sought after form
of gilding.
The client will choose from several corner samples, the desired
look of the frame for the art.
I will be useing 22k (karat) Italian gold.

I've been gilding for many years, and have made frames
for Museums, Art Galleries, and High-end art collections.

Rockwell Picasso Motherwell Hans Hoffman Joni Mitchell
to name a few.

Many Russian paintings, some around the world in other museums.

I designed, hand carved and gilded a frame for the original portrait
of Betty Crocker, an art piece in General Mills art collection.
Some of the locals also have my work on there art!

I'm Whalberg Art Studio my gilding department is called Superior Gilding
I'm located at the back of Shiny Robot Studio. (501 1st ave. N.E.)

If you want to reach me my number is 612-331-1466
I can gild something for you.


Sheila said...

Wow!! How cool are you! You are a celebrity in making all these great works greater. I'm looking forward to seeing your work process!

Celeste Bergin said...

oh cool is this?? It so happens that my work is almost always presented in gold frames. I buy them from a good place..but I have ALWAYS wanted to see how it is done--so this will be totally fun for me. Once or twice I have tried to repair a frame with some gilt. I'm sure you would laugh.

Judy P. said...

Bill- this is going to be an interesting series-looking forward to it! Boy, you're what they call a Craftsman, in the real traditional sense.

Gilberto said...

Heir go all my good intentions to start serious painting these week, I haven’t done ever before. I think. This demonstration wills a welcome argument to justify my procrastination. Any ways, I owe to bill and his generosity to piper my artistic ego. So I have clean my desk and I am ready for the first step. Bide away Bill this clear bottle in left side of the utility boss is by mistake a decent Tequila?

Jan said...

Bill thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with us. I am so proud to be blogging with such a multi-talented artist. I'll be checking your posts each day. Of course I already do this :)

DALSING said...

I read this post with great interest and curiosity. Your frames are quite beautiful.