Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gilding 101

Day 1 , 9:00 am I'm in the studio, put on some heat and let's get started!

First thing I need to do is make gesso.
I measure out by weight 20 grams of rabbit skin glue.
(I like to use the dark german, and I will talk more about
this at another post.)
I put my RSG (rabbit skin glue) in a pint mason jar.
Next I pour 1 cup of water into the jar of RSG.
I stir this time to time, but this needs to set for 24 hrs.
The granuals will absorb the water, swelling up to several
times its original size.
I do not use tap water, I do not use distilled water.
A good drinking (bottled) water is best.

Next I will weigh out the whiteing: 730 grams.

Whiteing is a general term, as several different ingredients
will cause different looks to develope.
Here I will use marble powder. ( Some call it marble flour)
There are other ingredience you could use, such as gypsem
or calcium carbonate, fired bone ash, powdered lime stone.
and many others.
For this application, marble powder is my choice. The weight
will differ if you use another ingredient.
I set the whiteing aside, and take a sip of coffee.
The client is a local framer. I am not a framer!
(I can make frames, but I am not a framer!)
The client has already showen me the mouldings he will be
chopping to assemble this frame.
This style of frame is refered to as a 'reveal', it does not have
a rabbit that overlaps the art.

Well, today my plan was to get the gesso started, when the
client shows up he will choose from the corner samples the
look he wants.
I was just informed that the client (David) cannot get here
until tomarrow! Huh!? I'm in the middle of my blog David!
Don't do this to me..
Well folks, we would have chosen a sample, and I would have
proceeded to sand the frame.
Since I'm winging this 101 class, I ask for your patience.
Frankly this is a pretty good start, and you all have been
good. : ) I will resume this tomarrow. Class dismissed!
Gilberto, Frank, no running in the halls!!


Jan said...

Already I am overwhelmed Bill!!! I did get the sip of coffee right :) I have plenty of patience, I'm retired and very interested!!!

Gilberto said...

Rats!!! Doesn’t mater I will be present tomorrow,

Sheila said...

This is a science in itself I am beginning to see. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the ingredients, why you use those certain ones and how precise one needs to make the measurements.

Celeste Bergin said...

so---will he be choosing a particular kind/color of gilt?

billspaintingmn said...

Yes Celeste! Thank you for asking.
Actually, I call this part the 'taste' test.
The art,(a portrait) will have the corner samples set next to to.
Carefully viewing to see what "fits" best.
It is surprizing some times, because things that you may assume to be the choice isn't, or vise-versa!
The word gilt is improper in this applcation.
Gilt: Immatation. Gild: Real gold!
Gilt is usually a cream, or paint.
I hope Dave will be in today so I can continue
if not I have a plan B.
Thank you, and everyone as I attempt to take you through this process. Hold on to your hat!

Judy P. said...

I'm going to need that coffee, Bill, to absorb all the details. One pesky question from the annoying kid in the back of the room: could a store bought, ready-made gesso be used, just to jump-start this process?

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Judy! The store bought, or ready made gesso
is a different type. It is for priming canvas, or masonite.
It would not work in this process,(Water gilding) however,if we were surface gilding, or oil gilding, you could.(But I still would not.)
I prefer the rabbit skin glue gesso.