Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gilding 101 plan b (part b)

plan b :)
We're switching gears

This is a painting by Artist Richard Lack. Richard is an American Master artist.
Although Richard was never a formal teacher of mine, he was a friend. He helped
me artistically very much. So yes, in a way he was a teacher of mine!
I've wanted to gild a frame for this painting for many years, now I will!
This will be my tribute to Richard Lack. Richard passed away last Fall. I will always
have his art on my walls.
As you can see, the frame is raw wood.
I've chose this profile, and now I need to decide what gold,and under color to have.
From the samples I've posted, I need to decide on one. Hmm.. let's see.


Jan said...

Bill I am so sorry for the passing of your mentor and friend Richard. This is a beautiful landscape painting. I am sure that Richard would be honored that you are going to make one of your beautiful frames for this painting. It will be a bond of two artists and their love of art~~~

Gilberto said...

I have to ad to Jan’s comment That all of us are in that way, and perhaps the wonder is to have a friend to honor us with his remembering in which we will quip living for an additional little time

Celeste Bergin said...

Lovely painting! I am tuned in to watch. Forgive me for writing Gilt when I should have written Gild! I am learning. :)

billspaintingmn said...

Thank you Jan! I have a love & respect for art and the people that create it!

Gilberto! I feel honored to have you here!

Celeste! Thanks for watching! No apology for learning : )

Today will be a full day in the studio! I got a slow start, but we're moving forward!