Sunday, July 11, 2010

A friend of a friend...

Ron is a guy I give painting classes to. We've become friends. He introduced me to a friend of his
that has this place in Wisconsin.
For 47 years, people can come and enjoy animals of all types.(that's me in the lower right, The turkey, not the pig!)
This little pig got up out of the mud to come over and say hello! He was happy as a pig in mud!

These kids were just hanging out.

I wonder if Stape would paint this in pointellism?

This guy strutted around like he owned the place.

I wanted a pony ride, but it's for little people.

The chics were beautful!
These are ugly ducks, but well behaved!

This buck enjoyed a cool breeze in the shade.

A refreshing dip, and quackers!

These animals are well taken care of, they love people.

Ok, everybody out of the pool!

This little duck ran up to everybody,as if to say,"Hi! My name is quack! What's yours?!"

This old shed had some old stuff in it. Cool old stuff, I loved it!

This Llama looks like he's thinking,"Your not getting my coat!"


This horse was extra tiny.

This burrow was completly friendly.

The grizzly was in a pen, but had plenty of room, and a mate!

This deer walked up to me and started eating grass.

This goat got me!

This is my friend Ron! He is an excellent wood carver. I give him painting tips on how to paint
his carvings. He has (true) stories I could listen to forever.

There survey said most liked animals were rabbits and goats.

The owner of this park, called Fawn-Doe-Rosa, has invited me to plein-air paint on the grounds.
I can paint anything I want, and they have offerd to sell them in there gift store.
So my question to you is , How cool is this!? If you have any tips or ideas to share, I'm all ears!
( They have a lot of traffic, and I'm encouraged to sell my paintings.)


Janice said...

Fantastic! Wonderful! Love that leaning shed Bill and that should be the first thing you paint! GO FOR IT!!!

Judy P. said...

Great place, and great photos Bill, and what a great opportunity. Dive right in- there are so many great ideas to paint right in front of you. Be the resident plein air painter, and attract an audience while you work, and have your own gallery to boot! You know what they say- just do it!

martinealison said...

Magnifiques photos, merci de nous les montrer.
Dans ma propriété vivent des paons et j'aime tant les voir évoluer. Bises.

Gilberto said...

When you started the sow I was thinking to ask you for directions. Have bought a new bicycle last year and there in front of me was a god place were to go and do just what you say a the end will consider. Believe mi Bill don’t think it twice, Have your dear wife prepare a couple of sandwiches and be on the way, you may not make rich bath you will have a lot of fun. Have my blessings

Celeste Bergin said...

what a wonderful "tour"--I am a total animal lover--so I really loved this place! My suggestions--hmmmmm well, try to have a "cohesive" look or theme. Try to have things framed in a way that they all look from the same artist. Give a "talk" or demonstration. Have some reproductions as cards.
You'll have fun I think..oh, and yeah, paint allllll the animals.

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jan! I know! That was the first building on the property! There was talk of taking it down, but instead reinforced it to last another 47 years!

Thanks Judy! I plan to paint for sure! I have to find a way to make this all work!

Thanks Martine! The pecock just hopped up on that fence, and the turkey gobbled, it was a
kodack moment indeed!

Thanks Gilberto! There is fun everywhere I look! It was interesting to see how much everyone enjoyed the animals!

Thanks Celeste! Good idea! I will paint allllll the animals:)

Thank you everyone! For showing your interest, and leaving your comments! When a friend of a friend gets involved, cool things can happen!

Mindy said...

Dad thats awesome! we should go there with the kiddos sometime!!:)

billspaintingmn said...

Yes sweetheart, we should go there soon!