Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Night Fix

I started this painting last week. Eager to catch the moment, I got lost.

What would MacGyver do?

I contacted Tony Peters, (California Artist) since I knew Tony liked

nocturnes and is a merited Artist.

Tony was kind enough to spend some time to give a critique.

Thanks again Tony! I think it helped this piece a lot!


C. k. Agathocleous said...

Why do so many of your oils look like watercolors? Are you sure you that you are not a watercolorist?

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks for noticing Cindy!
Acually I paint fat over lean, in an alla prima much like you.
First I wash draw, and as I progress, I paint
more straight from the tube.
Wash draw is a term I just gave it to decribe
how I start.
Sometimes though, after the work has set I can still "tweek" or accent things accordingly.
(careful though, you can easly fudge it!)
I think you're seeing some of my "wash draw"
as a watercolor.