Friday, January 21, 2011

Moonlight sled

Well the cold weather is here, parts of Minnesota were -40 below
this morning, it has to warm up to snow!
The colder it gets, the better the sledding. Warm snow,(if there is
such a thing) is good for snowballs & snowmen. But the blades can
get stuck and you have to push yourself. When it's cold you can slide
like the dickens! And it's fun!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doing the trip!

Some times you have to belly up to the bar and order
what your thirsty for.
I just ordered Take it easel, the Stapelton Kearns series!
Last winter I was inspired by Stapes winter episodes.
Stape is a pied piper of sorts. I recommend his blog to
anyone yurning to know.
Always thankful, I want to thank you all for such a fun
group in the blog-sphere.
I enjoy blogging, and visiting blogs. I'm inspired by each
and everyone of you.
Although I'm a gilder by trade, I've loved art all my life.
I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't doing
art of one type or another.
I just put my paintings in an art gallery, so I am going to
commit to doing the trip.
I get my directions from you! God willing I'll be in the
history books. Lady Ga Ga will sing songs about me! There
will be statues in parks and movies with Sean Connery as
me! All the girls will faint when I walk into the room.
They might even make a sandwich named after me.
Superman will ask me to be his partner, and the comic
books will ...
when I was a kid, I read alot of Dr. Suess.