Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doing the trip!

Some times you have to belly up to the bar and order
what your thirsty for.
I just ordered Take it easel, the Stapelton Kearns series!
Last winter I was inspired by Stapes winter episodes.
Stape is a pied piper of sorts. I recommend his blog to
anyone yurning to know.
Always thankful, I want to thank you all for such a fun
group in the blog-sphere.
I enjoy blogging, and visiting blogs. I'm inspired by each
and everyone of you.
Although I'm a gilder by trade, I've loved art all my life.
I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't doing
art of one type or another.
I just put my paintings in an art gallery, so I am going to
commit to doing the trip.
I get my directions from you! God willing I'll be in the
history books. Lady Ga Ga will sing songs about me! There
will be statues in parks and movies with Sean Connery as
me! All the girls will faint when I walk into the room.
They might even make a sandwich named after me.
Superman will ask me to be his partner, and the comic
books will ...
when I was a kid, I read alot of Dr. Suess.


Nora Kasten said...

This is wonderful, Bill. I can tell you're getting stronger and your new life will be even better. It's hard to believe sometimes but we have the promise that it will. . . so just go with it. I send you blessings and pray for your great success in your new gallery. It's their good fortune to hang your paintings.

martinealison said...

Je vous souhaite encore et encore beaucoup de plaisir à créer... Le reste la vie s'en charge...
Ps : ne faites pas tomber toutes les femmes!

Celeste Bergin said...

You have your paintings in a Gallery--that is certainly a wonderful thing. It is great when something we create is put out into the's like launching an arrow..into the unknown..some people never launch it--imagine! Well, I can see you as Sean Connery.

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Nora! These first steps into this year are awkward. But moving forward is the thing to do.I hope to look back some day and know this was the right direction to go!

Martine! Thanks! I will make it as fun as I can!I trust life to lead me to the good things.
If anyone faints, I'll throw a bucket of water on them!:)

Hi Celeste! Getting into a gallery was a positive step. In boy scouts as a kid our group
were the flaming arrows. I've been launching arrows my whole life. It's a hit or miss thing.
The movie DragonHeart would probably be the best fit of Connery as me!

Observing the moonlight last night was incredable. I'm seeing and looking. Noticing is
the secret of looking.

Judy P. said...

Hi Bill- best of luck with your gallery! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Oahu is indeed great, and we have been to the North Shore- wild there, isn't it? It seems every section of that island has different growth, and a different look. So I was doing the trip in Hawaii, but with a small pochade box, not like that monster Stape easel you're getting!

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Judy! I hear they have the biggest waves in the world!
One thing that impressed me was how one part was dessert, another was jungle, yet another was rain forest! Then there was the beaches. Some had big waves, another was calm ripples.
We were driving "up country" on Maui and one
part looked Minnesota! Of coarse the road turned and we saw pine trees that were different from any I'd ever seen.
As soon as my monster easel arrived, I want to hit the ground running and go out and paint. The colder the better:) I want to break it in right!
Oh! and Thanks for commenting Judy!

Jesus Estevez said...

Congratulations Bill ,i wish you many sell in the show you are having, i appreciate your comments in my blog, you have a good eye, I respect that.

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jesus!The gallery, Minnesota Art & More
has been very patient and friendly to me!
I hope to sell some art, they get alot of traffic. Thanks for your respect, I hope to earn it continually.

Anonymous said...

I am so Proud of you Dad!!! I am excited to see what this year will bring to you!! I wish only the best!!:)