Friday, December 16, 2011

Oil primed surfaces

This is my first result painting on an oil primed surface. I used only one brush,(which is a no-no) but I just wanted to lay down some paint.

I now see a whole different animal. This is fun but the paint acts a bit different. I like
it. I need to explore more. Good thing I have a few more panels to paint on. I now
understand about "make a brush stroke and leave it."
There isn't a stitch of snow outside, but am eager to get out and plien air the neighbor
5"x7' oils, on oil primed surface.


Katherine Thomas said...

It's beautiful! Your post is very educational for me, too. I'd like to hear more about oil primed surfaces?

billspaintingmn said...

Katherine! Hello and Thank-you!

This oil primed surface does present the brush strokes differently than a gesso'd board. I will paint several more, trying
different things.
I have some ideas that may work in
this approch, to get an effect.
Thanks for your comment!

Jan said...

This is a beautiful landscape, Bill. I don't paint in oils, I use acrylics, but I love learning what I can about all mediums...thank you~~~

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jan! Each medium has a variety of ways to work with.

I'm exploring oil primed surfaces, as I've heard enough about it to want to give it a try.
It does give a different 'look' than the gesso'd boards.
I need to get familiar with its capabilities.

Jane said...

The colors in your paintings are all beautiful and bright, I love the blue background against the bright and yellow foreground. Really lovely painting!

billspaintingmn said...

Thank you Jane! I'm trying a new approch in oils.It has some pluses, but I'll need to research this a bit more.
Thank yo for commenting! :)

Susan Renee Lammers said...

Hi Bill! I like your painting today. It takes bravery to put down a stroke and leave it! Seems like all of the greatest painters do this. I love painting with oils on copper. I wonder if you have ever tried this? I use 30 ounce weight copper, sand it, and start painting. I can cut it with tin snips anywhere I am. I put a coat of cold wax by Gamblin when I am done. I thought you might like this information since you seem to be experimenting!

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Susan! Thank you!

I've not tried 30 ounce copper,(yet)
However I have gilded copper onto a hardboard surface, and painted with japans,(enamel) I first tone the copper so it takes on an 'old penny' look. The japans dry dead flat and has a unique look.
I should do one and post it.

Thanks for commenting Susan. I've enjoyed seeing your blog. Stapleton
Kearns has mentioned you.