Friday, August 19, 2011

Heart shadows

I spotted this scene and thought it would be interesting to paint. I made the greens with cobalt,
lemon yellow and smuggled red into it. Brush and palette knife. 10"x10" oils on canvas board.


Celeste Bergin said...

beautiful! it makes me smile!!!

Jan said...

Lovely, Bill. I always look for the shape of a heart in everything :) I even see one in my photo of my flower in this comment.
It's so nice to see your artwork and visit your blog again~~~

Judy P. said...

It's dramatic and mystical, Bill!
Say you know about OPM (Outdoor Painters of MN) don't you? Nice group, nice opportunities to grow and paint! Plus you are closer to them than I am, I have to drive an hour to participate!

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Celeste! I was in the boat fishing when I saw this.(Always looking at the scenery instead of watching my line..)
I didn't catch any fish, but this scene made me smile too! So I painted it! :)

Thanks Jan! I thought it was an interesting shape/design when I saw it! The two trees in the heart shadow seemed to embrace eachother,
reminded me of love at first sight!
(..So would I call it a love painting?) :)

Thanks Judy! I haven't heard of OPM. I get up to Grand Marais for the quick paint,(when I can) but to do the trip is my goal! I met Stape this summer and he is one cool fellow! I introduced him & his close friends to TMORA in Mpls. (The Museum Of Russian Art)
There was one of my gilded frames displayed! Of coarse it had a painting in it! :)

Chrissie A said...

Bill, this is quite lovely! The trees do appear as though they are embracing. Very nice.