Friday, February 11, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

Blog hopping around, I was inspired by some folks to look through the art files.
This is a watercolor from sometime ago.('85') The old happy shack.

Below is another, I called Forest Snow.

This is a pen and ink called getting some bites...
I hope to do some winter painting, now that I have take it easle, Stapleton Kearns model. I feel like the coolest painter on the block! Thanks for looking!


Judy P. said...

Neat art, Bill! Keep doing the trip with Stape's monster easel; I'm trying to fit in more time painting too. Gosh, 1985! I had my first baby that year- my earliest painting is dated 2007. I'd better get to work!

Jane said...

Looking through Blogs can be very inspiring and enthusiastic . Your watercolors are just as beautiful as your oil paintings..did you start out with watercolors, and then converted to oil ? I know a lot of painters who started out the other way round.

martinealison said...

Très belles aquarelles tout en douceur et en poésie... Je les aime beaucoup.

Heather said...

Hi dad, your watercolor pictures are so soft and beautiful!
The racoon picture, that must be you fishing in the background huh? :)

billspaintingmn said...

Judy! This take it easle is just what I needed!
It sets up, and takes down with ease! I no longer look like the three stooges setting up to paint!
I have art that goes way back. Fred Flintstone and I were neighbors!(ha)

Hi Jane! Thanks! I started painting with watercolors long before oils. I have a tendency to work oils in the same manner,(somewhat) but am learning to get that brush stroke look down a bit better!

Thank You Martine! I try to take care in what I paint, as you do!:)

Heather! Thanks! Yes, that's me up at lake Kabatogama, Moxie island! Everything was biting that day, expesailly the misquetos!

Janice said...

Your work is really fantastic! This particular one with the racoons reminds me of Tasha Tudor, she was a wonderful artist. best to you!