Monday, June 7, 2010

party rough #1

Playing around with ideas, this is one by the campfire.
Not going for likeness at this stage, but rather mood
and temperature.
Also the bar & grill is another spot at the party I want
to put something together on .
I may do several rough studies, this is going to be a
"Memorial Days Night"
oil on gesso'd board 8"x10"(knife & brush)


Janice said...

I really like this painting Bill...the casual style of it and the palette and the tecture, the whole thing!!!

Broderick Gallery said...

reallllly interesting--I love the temperatures. It's a titch spooky, which lends itself to the whole campfire thing. (campfire ghost stories!)

Anonymous said...

Wow~! Reminding me a bit of Goya here...

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Jan! The camera didn't pick up the colors as well as I hoped for. The midnight blue,(ultra marine violet & Viridian + white)
washed out to a blue~
but it's good, as it helps me to be aware of subtle technicals.(I feel the original looks
better than what the picture shows.)

(Jan,you will be painted as a glowing fairy Godmother, dancing with my grand daughter. She was dancing around at the party, and playing with other kids. A four year old with a creative imagination!)

Broderick Gallery! Welcome! Thank you very much! If you look really close, that guy with the "hook hand" is up in the tree waiting to scare anyone alone...(ha)

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Cindy! I see you strolling thru the crowd as a minstral, giving music and song!

Judy P. said...

Liking the color temperature, the texture, and the mood so far Bill!

Jesus Estevez said...

big vibration on the colors and a good ambiance and mood.congratulation Bill. also looks like the people are having a good time.Cheers

Janice said...

That sounds wonderful Bill...I'm honored and I love to dance!!! Creative imagination just like my grand-daughter :)

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Judy! I want to incorporate some of the stuff I've been reading over at Stapelton Kerns & Armands Art & Influence.(Actually there's more folks in this mix, but I will mention all that in time..)
Judy, the only pic I have of you is the one in your karate suit,(black belt!) do you sport a samari sword?(ha) I've got a special place in
this painting for you : )

Cheers Jesus! Thanks! I want the mood to be fun and festive!(I toasted a brandy) Although it's a night scene, I want you to have your sunglasses on, I think they may be your trade mark.(the reflection off of them will look cool!)

Thanks again Jan! I want to honor each and everyone I paint into this, it will be 100%

I'm still in the creative stage on all this, But have direction. Please feel free to offer sugguestions/comments, that's how I work. If you think I've forgotten about you, surprize!
surprize! surprize!

Debra Bryant said...

I absolutely love this Bill!

billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Debra! Smile!