Friday, November 19, 2010

making progress...

This is the easel, or Bible stand that will hold the Bible inside the tabernacle.
It is carved from one piece of Honderus mohogany. This is to be gilded also.

I was able to get started on all eight columns of the tabernacle
this week. They are coming along very well. They have recieved
3 coats of gesso, and are being sanded with 220 grit lightly.
I also recieved the 'floor' and 'ceiling' and will recieve the dome
that tops all this off this coming Monday.
I'm excited, they pushed the deadline up to Dec.11th! So I will be
working around the clock to get this finished.
I wasn't sure how to post this, I hope it makes sense. I will show
more as this progresses.
...but as things go, this is coming together nicely.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Great Commission!

These are four of the eight columns of the Tabernacle. Hand carved and ready to gild.
This Tabernacle will house the Holy Bible they use for service. It is a very old Bible.

Last August, I was asked to submit a quote to gild a tabernacle.
So I did. They excepted my figures, and the 'ball' was in motion.
This tabernacle will be carved to the churches specifications.
Paul, the wood carver, is a neighbor of mine.
This is his drawing of the tabernacle,from which I concluded my
St. Marion Catholic Church, is Eastern Orthodox. It's located in
the Nord East neighborhood of Minneapolis.(My studio turf!) I
will however be gilding this at my home studio.
This will be a surface gild, or oil gild. I will be using a particular
22k gold, as it has a brightness unsurpassed.
I will be getting more peices of this tabernacle next week. I hope
to post its progress.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giving Thanks

I want to Thank all of you for the kindness and support over
the past months.
The last time Renee was in the hospital, she said,"Thank you
for loving me."
I wept, and still do.
These are her praying hands. They were loving hands. Helping
hands. They changed a lot of diapers, washed a lot of laundry.
I thank God for these hands.